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Second Language Acquisition Programs Designed Specifically for ELLs

A rich variety of listening, speaking, reading, and writing practice

Acquiring English is a cyclical learning process and ELLs require strategies as varied as their backgrounds and experiences. In this less familiar territory, ELLs need ample opportunity to encounter the English language and repeated and plentiful practice producing the language.

Increase your educator capacity for improving literacy in ELLs with programs designed specifically for ELL students:

  • Build your professional knowledge
  • Accurately assess the level of student success
  • Pinpoint which students are in need of strategic or intensive intervention

Our ELL programs are designed to strengthen areas of weakness that assessment and progress monitoring have identified within the five key components of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics/spelling, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Our research- and evidence-based, classroom-tested programs translate effective instruction into maximum student achievement. 

Explicit instruction and practice

With these programs, ELL students will:
  • Acquire English language proficiency
  • Master specific speaking, listening, reading, and writing concepts
  • Develop the skill sets necessary for success
Take a look at how our ELL programs can help you strengthen your RtI implementation and empower all students to become successful.

Designed Specifically for ELLs

Academic Vocabulary for English Learners
Direct Instruction Spoken English
Early Vocabulary Connections
eMeasures of Early Vocabulary Growth IDEL
Paso a Paso