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Second Language Acquisition Programs Proven Effective for ELLs

Close the ELL achievement gap with proven, practical, promising, motivating solutions!
Effective ELL intervention solutions are vital to preparing students for high-tech, 21st century expectations. Becoming proficient in the English language involves scaffolded instruction and an understanding of the current theory of second language literacy development as it requires complex textual and processing demands.

Second Language Acquisition Interventions

This can be challenging for ELL students and teachers. It is critical that interventions minimize the learning challenges for the ELL student and maximize instructional efficiency for the teacher. The carefully crafted instructional design of Sopris ELL programs provide promising instruction for the successful acquisition of a second language. These interventions:
  • Support teachers with easy-to-implement instructional materials and assessments
  • Maintain student attention with engaging, motivating lessons
  • Monitor progress to ensure students are making accelerated gains
  • Build vocabulary and oral and reading and writing fluency with research-proven instruction
  • Ease learning challenges with motivating, explicit instruction
  • Balance word-level and text-level comprehension instruction
  • Provide repeated practice and review to increase independence and confidence
Proven Effective for ELLs