BELLSWhat is Building Early Literacy and Language Skills (BELLS)?

BELLS is a resource and activity guide for preschool and kindergarten teachers that describes the importance of language literacy development, the connection between the two and the necessity of facilitation in young children. 


PreK and Kindergarten teachers who use BELLS:

  • Engage children in playful, skill-building activities and recommended children's literature
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the research, which strategies work and why they do
  • Identify their children's strengths and weaknesses using the assessment component
  • Learn what children (birth to age 5) naturally do with language and what they can do to ensure they develop pre-literacy skills
  • Are prepared to address common difficulties of language and literacy development
  • Introduce writing simply and effectively
  • Nurture the oral language-literacy connection and capitalize on it in their teaching


  • More than 70 developmentally appropriate activities to build children’s language skills, phonological and print awareness, cognitive communication, and self-help skills
  • Creative, fun, and effective activities to develop early literacy language skills
  • A friendly, easy- to- use format
  • Practical strategies and techniques to nurture language development naturally and playfully
  • Fun, interactive stories, games and crafts to nurture learning development
    • Awesome Athletes
    • Itsy Bitsy Spider Crawl
    • Give a Moose a Muffin Circle Story
    • We're Having a Puppet Show
    • Many more engaging games and crafts