In Partnership to Support Student Literacy

Acadience Reading is the new name of the DIBELS Next® literacy assessment. It is the same assessment you know and trust, authored by researchers Dr. Roland Good and Dr. Ruth Kaminski. In an expanded partnership to deliver this powerful and effective K–6 assessment tool, Voyager Sopris Learning® continues to serve as the exclusive U.S. distributor for Acadience Reading K–6, also published as DIBELS Next.

Improve Academic Success for Your Students and Schools


Acadience Reading K–6 is a comprehensive solution that provides teachers with information about students’ acquisition of reading skills, information to inform teachers about students’ instructional levels, and information to inform teachers about specific instructional needs of students.

A complete assessment package can be tailored to the needs of each district, school, and classroom providing options for all students, some students, and a few students based on need.

Quick, reliable, and efficient, Acadience Reading K–6 measures indicate if a student is on track for reading success. With universal screening and progress-monitoring components, these measures are critical tools for educators to:

  • Identify students who need intervention support
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of interventions
  • Support the Response to Intervention (RtI)/Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS) model

Why Acadience Reading?

The Acadience Reading suite of literacy assessments enables teachers to:

  • Predict early reading success
  • Identify students needing intervention
  • Evaluate effectiveness of interventions
  • Select instructional interventions and group students
  • Prepare instruction to support students in reaching rigorous state standards
  • Provide universal screening, progress monitoring, and diagnostic assessments
  • Use a web-based, data-management system with online scoring


Empower Your Literacy Educators with Valuable Acadience Reading Tools

  • Progress monitoring for struggling students
  • Online test administration
  • Increased flexibility with time-saving technology
  • Simplified test administration and scoring
  • Data management at student/parent, teacher, school, and district levels
  • Real-time tools to support teachers
  • Flexible implementation options