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What is Letter Tiles for Phonics and Spelling?

Letter Tiles for Phonics and Spelling is a magnetic or digital letter tile kit perfect for use with beginning and struggling readers. It provides support for phonics and spelling instruction by demonstrating the relationship between sounds and letters and is ideal for one-on-one and small-group reading instruction.


Helps Struggling Readers Understand Connections Between Sounds and Letters With:

  • Custom-molded plastic case with nooks for 308 magnetic letter tiles and blank tiles
  • Twelve 3” x 5” magnetic syllable boards
  • A foldable magnetic board
  • Dry-erase pen for use with magnetic boards and blank tiles
  • Digital Kit is available on CD-ROM in an interactive whiteboard-compatible format

Who Benefits from Letter Tiles for Phonics and Spelling?

All students in grades K–3 can benefit from the instruction provided by Letter Tiles for Phonics and Spelling. The program also is an excellent intervention solution for struggling readers in grades 4–12. Teachers benefit from the flexible implementation that can be used in small-group or one-on-one settings.