Strategic Intervention for Spanish-Speaking Students

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What is Voyager Pasaporte?

Voyager Pasaporte® is a research-based, strategic intervention for Spanish-speaking students in grades K–3. It uniquely accelerates their reading skill acquisition and builds a strong foundation for learning success in their native language.

Motivating for Every Student

Through daily, small-group instruction in the five essential components of reading, this 26-week program targets students’ specific needs with highly motivating and age-appropriate content that keeps young learners engaged and excited about learning.


Systematic, scaffolded instruction in the five essential components of reading


Small-group lesson format, leveled passages in Spanish, and engaging content with familiar cultural references


Take-home readers to extend learning and promote parent involvement


Built-in benchmark assessments and online data management


Detailed lesson plans, correction procedures, and reteaching opportunities with teacher directions in English and teacher dialogue in Spanish


Consultative resources and support, on-site and online training, and ongoing professional development


Voyager Pasaporte Accelerates Reading Skills for Spanish-Speaking Students in Grades K–3 by:

  • Strengthening all core reading programs
  • Providing immediate, ongoing analysis of student performance
  • Closing the achievement gap for struggling English learners
  • Meeting the needs of Spanish-speaking learners with research-based, targeted instruction
  • Teaching explicit, systematic instruction in word study, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension

Accelerate reading skills for Spanish-speaking students