We Can

What is We Can?

We Can Early Learning Curriculum is a proven PreK and early learning solution that prepares all children, ages 3–5, for academic success in kindergarten and beyond. The curriculum cultivates young learners with a robust, multidisciplinary curriculum and a clear road map for early learning success—including easy-to-implement lesson plans and a range of innovative learning tools. We Can integrates assessment with instruction, allowing teachers multiple opportunities to observe children, identify their capabilities and needs, and monitor their progress.

Why We Can?

  • Engages children with The Learning Zoo, a web-based program with fun, vibrant, interactive readiness activities
  • Implements an effective classroom management and instructional system
  • Delivers explicit lesson plans with a robust daily focus on early literacy, numeracy, and oral language development
  • Integrates differentiated instruction to address a range of abilities
  • Accommodates full- and half-day models
  • Provides high-quality professional development to support teacher growth at all levels



Overview Video

We Can engages students in interactive learning activities that motivates them to learn more and achieve success. The interactive nature of the lessons also allows teachers to fully observe students to differentiate instruction as needed.


  • Small and whole group instruction
  • Progress monitoring
  • Differentiation
  • Integration of content across all key learning domains
  • Online tools for school and home
  • Literacy and informational text
  • Powerful classroom management system
  • Easy-to-implement instructional model
  • Consistent instructional design across units
  • Language-rich, print-rich learning environment
  • Online data management system for teacher materials and assessments
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