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What is Inside Algebra?

Inside Algebra engages at-risk students in grades 8–12 through explicit, conceptually based instruction to ensure mastery of algebraic skills. The program uses a multisensory approach leveraging hands-on and manipulative-based activities, Gizmos® for interactive activities, and pictorial representations to help students visualize concepts.


Motivating for Every Student

Inside Algebra promotes kinesthetic learning which motivates students who do not respond well to the traditional classroom approaches. Teachers using Inside Algebra report their students to have so much fun they do not even realize how much they are learning because they are so engaged in the objectives of the program.


Concept development to build conceptual understanding through modeling experiences


Practice to support new learning through games and small-group activities


Problem solving to build skills through relevant, real-world connections


Flexible implementations to address credit-recovery needs


Progress monitoring to reinforce computational fluency and student understanding


Provides enhanced instruction for English language learners (ELLs)


Support for teachers and students with relevant technology


Flexible grouping and provides multiple modeling activities


Why Inside Algebra?

  • Flexible design delivers differentiated instruction
  • Research-validated instructional strategies
  • Enthusiastic student participation through hands-on learning
  • Reduces math anxiety for struggling students
  • Balanced approach to teaching and learning algebra
  • Aligned to National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards
  • Data monitoring and student progress reports
  • Aligns with all algebra curricula
  • Multiple implementation options

Who Benefits from Inside Algebra?

Inside Algebra was designed for all students in grades 8–12 who are at risk of not passing algebra and need a mastery-based, multisensory approach to develop the skills necessary for success.


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