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Reading Assessments for Middle School Students

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Identify Middle School Student Reading Comprehension and Difficulties

Measuring literacy skills for middle school students and determining where they need strategic or intensive support is essential to their success in school and beyond. Acadience® Reading 7–8 is a universal screening and progress-monitoring assessment that measures the acquisition of literacy skills for seventh and eighth grade students. Acadience Reading 7–8 identifies students who may be at risk for reading difficulties, helps teachers identify areas to target instructional support, monitors at-risk students as they receive targeted instruction, and informs the effectiveness of school and district systems of instructional support.

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The 3 Gate System

Maze, Silent Reading (SR), and Oral Reading (OR).

Gated Approach: Acadience Reading 7–8 uses a gated approach to determine which students need to take each measure during each benchmarking administration. Each measure includes a triad of passages; one Science, one Social Studies, one Prose. In most cases, fewer students may take Silent Reading and Oral Reading than those students who may take Maze. Please see the table below.

Acadience 3Gate System

Depend on Researched, Reliable, and Valid Literacy Data

Acadience Reading 7-8 is quick to administer, easy to score and record, and directly measures student reading skills that are responsive to instruction and intervention, such as:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Syntax and morphology
  • Literal and inferential detail
  • Advanced phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency... and more!
Students and Teachers benefit

Roland Good, Ph.D.

Dr. Roland Good

Ruth Kaminski, Ph.D.

Dr. Ruth Kaminski

Dr. Mary Abbott

Dr. Mary Abbott

Expert Authorship

Acadience Learning was founded by Dr. Roland H Good III and Dr. Ruth Kaminski, the original authors of DIBELS Next, and builds on the foundation of CBM assessments you have come to know and trust. Acadience Reading 7–8 was authored by Dr. Good and Dr. Mary Abbott from Acadience Learning.

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Laurie Carmon

Reading Assessment for Adolescents: A Tool Educators Use to Change Lives

As students enter middle school, the information from reading assessments is equally important for teachers to continue monitoring students’ independent, instructional, and frustration reading levels, and particularly, their reading skills. Middle school students are continuing to develop their reading skills, and they need support and guidance as they progress toward reading at or above grade level.

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10 Minutes + 10 Facts = The First Step to Predicting Reading Success

Take a 10-minute break and discover how Acadience® assessment solutions for PreK–8 help educators to screen, diagnose, and monitor literacy skill acquisition and progress. Watch the webinar on demand.

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Address reading challenges and prepare students for academic success