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Acadience Reading Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN)

Quick and accurate naming with Acadience Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN)

Educators in states that require measures of Rapid Automatized Naming as part of screening students for reading difficulties, such as dyslexia, will find Acadience RAN to be a valuable tool for quick and accurate assessment and naming of repeated sets of familiar items.

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Reliable, Research-Based Measures

Acadience RAN measures are brief and administered individually. They are based on established procedures for creating and interpreting RAN tasks used in decades of research by multiple researchers.

Three Acadience RAN measures available in English and Spanish:

  • Objects: Assess a student’s skill in rapidly naming a set of familiar objects.
  • Letters: Assess a student’s skill in rapidly naming a set of familiar letters.
  • Numbers: Assess a student’s skill in rapidly naming a set of familiar numbers.
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Using Acadience RAN

If you are using Acadience® Learning Online (ALO) to administer and score Acadience Reading® K-6, Acadience RAN is included and can be administered and scored on ALO as well. Additionally, ALO serves as the data management system for both assessments and can be used to view and interact with data.

Contact Acadience® Learning for information about use and training.

Powerful and Practical Assessment by Renowned Researchers

For more than 25 years, Dr. Roland Good and Dr. Ruth Kaminski* have committed their careers to creating assessments and tools that help educators improve outcomes for students and schools. Acadience® Learning is a culmination of ongoing research and development with consistent researchers.

*Drs. Good and Kaminski are not associated with any new measures under the DIBELS name, such as DIBELS 8th Edition. The product known as DIBELS 6th Edition is no longer available from Acadience Learning or Voyager Sopris Learning.

Roland Good, Ph.D.

Dr. Roland Good

Ruth Kaminski, Ph.D.

Dr. Ruth Kaminski

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