Acadience Reading Pre-K (PELI)

PELI Pre-Literacy & Oral Language Assessment for Pre-K
Ages 3–5

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Acadience Reading Pre-K: PELI (also published as Preschool Early Literacy Indicators (PELI))

Prepare Preschool Students for Academic Success with Reliable, Early Literacy Assessment

Acadience® Reading Pre-K: PELI® (previously published as Preschool Early Literacy Indicators (PELI)) is a storybook-embedded assessment of essential pre-literacy and oral language skills needed for kindergarten. Designed to identify students who are experiencing difficulties acquiring these skills, PELI provides information to guide the instructional support needed to improve future reading outcomes. Assessing preschool and pre-kindergarten students with PELI allows educators to get a clear picture of alphabet knowledge, vocabulary and oral language, phonological awareness, and listening comprehension.

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Give Educators the Pre-Literacy Assessment They Need to Impact Early Reading Success

Acadience Reading Pre-K: PELI assessment:

  • Identifies students who may be at risk for difficulties acquiring early literacy skills (universal screening)
  • Helps teachers identify skill areas to target instructional support
  • Enables early childhood program directors to identify curricular needs at the system level
  • Monitors progress of students receiving additional, targeted early literacy instruction
  • Examines the effectiveness of a program’s system of instructional supports

Why Use Acadience Reading Pre-K: PELI to Assess Oral Language Skills?

  • Specifically designed to be used within an Outcomes-Driven Model of decision making and is appropriate for use within a Response to Intervention service-delivery model
  • Reliable and valid assessments mean educators can trust the results
  • Benchmark goals are empirically derived, criterion-referenced target scores that represent adequate early literacy progress for children in preschool
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Roland Good, Ph.D.

Dr. Roland Good

Ruth Kaminski, Ph.D.

Dr. Ruth Kaminski

Powerful and Practical Assessment by Renowned Researchers

For more than 25 years, Dr. Roland Good and Dr. Ruth Kaminski* have committed their careers to creating assessments and tools that help educators improve outcomes for students and schools. Acadience® Learning is a culmination of ongoing research and development with consistent researchers.

**Drs. Good and Kaminski are not associated with any new measures under the DIBELS name, such as DIBELS 8th Edition. The product known as DIBELS 6th Edition is no longer available from Acadience Learning or Voyager Sopris Learning.

Set early learners on a path to success with valid PreK assessments

Quickly Find the Meaning in Data

Acadience® Data Management (ADM) is a reporting system that gives educators the data they need to make informed instructional decisions at all levels. This online system allows you to aggregate the data and easily interpret meaning through its clear and accurate reports.

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Acadience Data Management