LANGUAGE! The Comprehensive Literacy Curriculum - Intensive Literacy
Intervention Curriculum

Grades 3–12

Proven to Close the Literacy Achievement Gap in Grades 3–12

LANGUAGE!® Fourth Edition is an intensive, comprehensive literacy curriculum for students in grades 3–12 who are reading two or more years below grade-level expectations. With an explicit, systematic approach proven to accelerate the growth of striving readers and nonreaders, LANGUAGE! integrates instruction across key literacy strands—foundational skills, writing, vocabulary, fluency, grammar, comprehension, and spoken English.

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Focus on Essential Skills for Reading, Writing, and Speaking

Students with significant literacy gaps need more than a single focused intervention, they need intensive, comprehensive, scaffolded instruction focused on foundational and advanced word-recognition skills.

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Vocabulary enhancement and morphology including grammar and usage to increase sentence structure and patterns


Foundational skill building with phonemic awareness and phonics, word recognition, and spelling

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Appropriate placement and data-driven instruction moves students through the curriculum and helps achieve growth beyond the classroom

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Writing progression to quickly advance students from foundational to sophisticated composition

LANGUAGE! Changes Lives

  • Rapidly advances developing readers to grade-level literacy
  • Fills gaps in literacy learning and ensures strong foundational skills
  • Builds student experiences with literary and informational text
  • Prepares students for literacy in all content areas
  • Provides comprehensive results documentation—proven to accelerate growth
  • Meets student needs with multiple entry and exit points and ongoing differentiation
  • Teacher-directed, engaging activities that empower teachers to deliver quality instruction
  • Incorporates Six Traits of Writing to help students build sophisticated writing skills
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LANGUAGE! Reaches a Broad Range of Students Who Need Intervention

  • Based on science of reading practices and Structured Literacy
  • Phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling rules, and sound-letter correspondences are taught explicitly by the teacher
  • Concepts are taught in a concrete manner addressing foundational skills in all domains of literacy
  • Fluency development is built into every six-step lesson with multiple opportunities to assess progress
  • Through the daily six-step lesson and three levels of text, students engage with reading and language in a scaffolded way to reach the ultimate goal of reading and writing comprehension