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Power ReadersDecodable Stories
for Beginning Readers

Grades K–4

What is Power Readers?

The Power Readers series is comprised of 28 decodable stories with pre- and post-reading skill-building activities. As stories progress, students work on the systematic building of phonological awareness, decoding and irregular word recognition, fluency, vocabulary, morphology, and comprehension. 

Power Readers can be used alongside any core reading program for K–1 students or for strategic or intensive reading reinforcement in lower elementary grades. Power Readers helps readers feel successful, confident and powerful.


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NEW Second Edition!

For years, Power Readers have been a trusted tool used in classrooms across the world. New for back-to-school 2023, a fully colored and revised second edition of Power Readers is available for purchase.

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Why Power Readers?

  • Fun, recurring cast of characters and animals keep students engaged
  • Promotes vocabulary and reading comprehension
  • Students build skills through vocabulary and sight word practice
  • Realistic fiction of an expository nature and poetry used throughout
  • Aligned to Acadience® Reading K–6 Measures
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Fun and Engaging for Every Student

The colorful pictures and engaging stories are motivating for all students. Readers have so much fun with the content, they are unaware of the rich foundational skills they are building.

Rocket lifting off

Systematic building of one-syllable words to two-syllable words


Sound Stage to build phonemic awareness as students listen and articulate


Rhyme Time lets students write and sound out decodable words

Student Thinking

Practice decoding and high-frequency words with every story

Student finding success

Pre-reading and post-reading activity pages with student-friendly questions to gauge comprehension

Girl reading book

Develops reliable reading habits and set students up for success