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Grades 1–4

What is Supercharged Readers?

Supercharged Readers is a series of 37 decodable and controlled text chapter books. Building on the alphabetic code learned in Power Readers, it follows an intentional sequence that builds on syllabic and morphemic principles to help students access increasingly challenging text. It includes pre- and post-reading activity pages that give teachers the strategies to supercharge their readers.

Supercharged Readers is designed for students in grades 1–2, and can be used for strategic or intensive reading practice for students in grades 1–4.


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Supercharged Readers 2nd Edition Product Covers

NEW Second Edition!

Just in time for back to school, the NEW Supercharged Readers Second Edition features refreshed pages with full-color illustrations and an extended scope and sequence. Five new books have been added that further develop competency with longer words and texts. These books challenge readers with more chapters that grow in syllabic length and morphological complexity.

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Why Supercharged Readers?

  • Guides readers from phonics to morphemes, syntax, vocabulary, multiple meanings, and text comprehension
  • Designed to build skills and promote interest in reading
  • Follows effective teaching principles including explicit instruction, sequential skills development, and guided practice
  • Engaging, comprehensible, and culturally relevant
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Communicates Critical Literacy Concepts
in an Engaging, Fun Way

The stories in Supercharged Readers bring literacy to life with:

Rocket lifting off

Engaging content including a blend of narratives, riddles, poems, and informational texts


Diphthongs, long vowels, and other reading techniques to ramp up student literacy skills

Girl reading book

Pre- and post-reading activities directly focused on vocabulary and linguistic principles

Mind thinking

Challenges for advanced readers as well as beginning and intermediate readers

Group reading together

A variety of genres, aiming to ignite interest and develop background knowledge

Stack of books

Stories designed to promote self-efficacy and interest

Susan Ebbers

Expert Authorship

Susan Ebbers is a literacy expert and author of Power Readers, Supercharged Readers, and Vocabulary Through Morphemes. She has consulted across the country and continues to work to promote reading, focusing especially on vocabulary and morphological awareness.