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What is TimeWarp Plus?

TimeWarp® Plus is a K–9 summer reading intervention system for struggling readers that dramatically accelerates their reading skills. The program promotes results-driven, hands-on learning with high-interest, academically rigorous content to motivate all students to improve their reading skills and strategies.

TimeWarp Plus reading tutoring lesson plans focus on three key components: targeted word study, fluency instruction, and Reading Connected Text Assessment. These pillars accelerate the pace of student learning with each tutoring session while enabling educators to assess and measure student progress. Along the way, students witness their personal reading growth through timed readings to boost confidence and competence.


TimeWarp Plus uses a structured literacy approach to cater to students of all backgrounds, including those with reading disabilities such as dyslexia, English language learners, and other struggling learners. Research shows the kinds of programs that use the explicit, systematic instruction approach typical of the structured literacy technique, like TimeWarp Plus, help meet the needs of all students.

The multi-tier instructional interventions built into TimeWarp Plus also align with the Response to Intervention approach, which identifies and supports struggling students before they fall behind. Year-round schools that weave TimeWarp Plus into their curriculum for struggling students help keep slow learners in class with their peers.

TimeWarp Plus Lesson Plan Template

A typical day in the TimeWarp Plus program has these lesson steps:

  • Students begin by practicing fluency by reading instructional-level text to improve their reading pace, accuracy, and prosody. Kindergarten students practice using read-aloud texts to make oral vocabulary and comprehension reading strengths instead of weaknesses.
  • Next, teachers lead targeted word study lessons in word study, sight words, spelling, reading and comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary.
  • Students apply new skills and activate prior knowledge to a theme-based adventure with an instructional focus.
  • Educators put students in small groups based on their reading level on the Vital Indicators of Progress® (VIP) assessment. In groups, students lead one another in activities and work with teachers on grade-appropriate challenges.
  • Students finish with writing practice, which gives them an opportunity to respond to what they read.

Additionally, the daily lesson sequence can be followed by further reading practice, when necessary. All TimeWarp Plus students have access to an optional online reading component. Ticket to Read provides students with interesting reading passages and games while motivating students to read outside of coursework with effective rewards.


Preventing Summer Learning Loss

Structured around fun and educational adventure-based themes, the TimeWarp Plus lessons motivate readers at every grade level. Teachers and students enjoy the refreshing format and attendance increases with reading proficiency. Prevent summer learning loss with TimeWarp Plus!


Contains targeted Word Study activity books, with explicit lessons in the five essential components of reading


Offers three to four hours of daily academic learning for three to six weeks, totaling as many as 80 hours of instruction


Includes additional language arts strands of writing, spelling, listening, and speaking


Contains the Reading Connected Text Assessment using VIP, which are equivalent to Acadience® Reading K–6


Minimizes teacher preparation time through carefully crafted lessons


Meets ESSA evidence level: Demonstrates a Rationale:  Download ESSA Data


Why TimeWarp Plus?

Making the most of summer hours to improve student reading performance, TimeWarp Plus delivers:

  • Instruction in the five essential components of reading
  • Flexible class-size ratio and implementation models
  • Increased attendance in summer school
  • Carefully crafted lessons that minimize teacher preparation time—no unique lesson plan ideas required
  • Integrated online data-management system—VPORT®
  • Comprehensive teacher training and support

Who Benefits from TimeWarp Plus?

TimeWarp Plus benefits any student in grades K–9 who may be at risk of experiencing summer learning loss. However, it is especially beneficial for those students who did not meet proficiency standards on the state’s high-stakes tests. TimeWarp Plus helps them improve their current reading level so they can be promoted in the fall.

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Prevent Summer Learning Loss with Hands-on Reading Instruction

Grounded in a decade of validated research to prevent and reverse summer reading loss, TimeWarp Plus takes students to exotic worlds in adventure-based lessons. In a national study, students sampled from seven school districts made gains of five to nine months during the summer program. A similar study of more than 14,000 students across nine districts showed equally dramatic results.

 Research Foundations and Designs

Campbell Union School District, CA Grade-Level Results

Two hundred seventy-one students in Campbell Union School District participated in TimeWarp Plus during summer 2006. As a group, they significantly increased their fluency rates—as measured in weekly words per minute gain.

 Download Results

Escondido Union School District, CA Grade-Level Results

During summer 2006, 469 students in grades 6-8 in Escondido Union School District significantly increased their performance on the program’s pre-test and post-test measures and increased their fluency rates with TimeWarp Plus.

 Download Results