I am more



The #IAmMore movement is an opportunity for you and your students to have a voice and share their untapped potential. Get involved by sharing what inspires you and makes you MORE. Join the movement by posting or tweeting a photo or video on social media with #IAmMore.

I Am more

ELA skills are the launching pad for students to think critically and problem solve in ways that could help change the world. Join the #IAmMore movement and help students see what MORE means, while they build the literacy skills necessary to succeed.

LANGUAGE!®Live is a comprehensive, blended learning solution for struggling readers in grades 5–12 that inspires a new level of confidence and drive to help students become proficient readers.

Building confidence with #IAmMore motivates students. LANGUAGE! Live helps them achieve MORE.

Believe Literacy is Possible.


Watch this video to see why
these students are MORE.

More engagement. More opportunity. More is possible.

ELL Success Story
Better Future

Founded in research. Proven results.

All in one solution. No costly add-ons.

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Share the More is Possible kit with your school or district leaders to help them see that more is possible.


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