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Building Reading Skills in Grades 1–4: Strategic Reading Practice

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

When it comes to helping students learn to read even better, it takes a seasoned expert to provide insight and guidance on what really works. Susan Ebbers is that expert: she knows what it takes to help all students—struggling or not—become even better at reading, and this presentation will showcase her proven strategies and approaches.

Ebbers will focus on how to support emerging and advancing readers through various aspects of word structure, including phonetically regular words, irregular words, syllable and morpheme analysis.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to achieve a reading progression from simple texts with basic words to more advanced and academic texts containing morphologically complex words with multiple syllables
  • The importance of using a blend of narratives, riddles, poems, and informational texts for this age group
  • How to use pre- and post-reading activities to boost literacy
  • Methods for motivating struggling readers with decodable books designed for success
  • And much more!


We hope you’ll join us.



Susan Ebbers
Susan Ebbers
Literacy Expert and Author of Power Readers and Supercharged Readers

Susan Ebbers is a literacy expert and author of Power Readers and Supercharged Readers, as well as the rhyming picture books, Jamie’s Journey: The Savannah and Jamie’s Journey: The Mountain. She has consulted across the country and continues to work to promote reading, focusing especially on vocabulary and morphological awareness. She served as a primary grade teacher for more than 10 years before moving on to work with adolescents striving to read. In doctoral studies, she focused on vocabulary development and morphological awareness. To learn more, visit, Vocabulogic at https://vocablog-plc.blogspot.com.

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