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Success for Every Student: The Research Behind Direct Instruction

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Direct Instruction (DI) is a highly structured method of teaching based on the assumption that all students can learn if given appropriate instruction. Decades of research shows this method of teaching can help change the stagnant levels of U.S. student achievement. Our expert will share these research results and describe DI’s potential to dramatically change patterns of student achievement in the United States

Hundreds of studies show how DI can promote outstanding gains in student achievement and self-confidence. Its positive impact is documented with students from many different backgrounds, in schools with vastly different characteristics, and when compared with all other types of curricula. The gains are both statistically and substantively significant and large enough to dramatically alter current patterns of student achievement. Join noted researcher and educator Dr. Jean Stockard as she describes evidence about DI’s effectiveness, why the programs were and continue to be so successful, why they are not utilized on a large scale in American schools, and most importantly, how they might be used in future years to dramatically reduce school failure and accelerate academic and social success. 

If you’re a policymaker, administrator, or teacher, this presentation is for you! Dr. Stockard will share:

  • The theory underlying DI, its development, use, and history
  • Research from hundreds of different studies regarding DI’s effectiveness looking at students with varying characteristics, in different settings, and studying different areas
  • Ways in which the systematic use of DI could alter patterns of student achievement
  • What teachers, students, and concerned citizens could do to help bring this about 



Dr. Jean Stockard
Dr. Jean Stockard
Author, quantitative sociologist, and professor emerita, University of Oregon

Jean Stockard is a quantitative sociologist and professor emerita at the University of Oregon, where she taught in the Departments of Sociology and Public Policy and Management. She has Bachelor of Arts degrees in mathematics and sociology, a Masters of Arts in sociology, and a Ph.D. in sociology. Her research builds on longstanding interests in education, inequality, and human development and focuses on ways in which social structures and social actions influence the mental, social, and physical well-being of individuals. She was the lead researcher of a meta-analysis of more than 500 studies of Direct Instruction (All Students Can Succeed: A Half Century of Research on the Effectiveness of Direct Instruction, Lexington Books, 2020) and has authored eight other books and more than 100 research articles.

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